The Question of class war and annihilation of caste - New democratic revolution in Neo Colonial India

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The Question of class war and annihilation of caste - New democratic revolution in Neo Colonial India

- K.K.S. Das (Kerala) | 17.03.2020 12:44:15am

Dear Comrades,

Red Salutes to the delegates and organizations participating in this conference. I have much pleasure in attending this historic conference of 50 years of existence of Revolutionary Writers Association. I thank the organizers for inviting and giving me this opportunity. RWA has a long history of hard work and a sturdy struggle in the field of creative literature.

I may bring to your kind notice that I have written a poem by name ʹMalanadinte Mattolyʹ (Echo of Hilly Land) 53 years ago. The golden jubilee of this peoples poem was celebrated in my area. The Oxford University Press published my poem ʹBlack Danceʹ which was selected as a lesson for M.A. Malayalam students of M.G. University. It has been published by Penguin Books. In the contemporary scenario of Indian History the question of demolishing Hindutva Fascism, the enemy of Indian democracy is of utmost importance. Certainly it is the task of New Democratic Revolution. The revolutionary writers shall lead an ideological struggle against the reactionary forces and at the same time create peoples literature with the strong intention of class struggle and also fighting against caste hegemony.

Literature and people are interdependent. Writers shall keep in mind the fact of ʹfrom the massess to the massess.ʹ Society is not a mere peoples collective. It consists of mode of production, productive relations and productive forces. It is the basis of language, behaviour, body language and conversation skills. In a nutshell it is the totality of culture. It emerges from the people, for the people and by the people.
In Indian society productive relations are based on caste system. The productive forces are also divided on the basis of castes and sub castes. This resulted in the exploitation and socio, economic and political oppression of dalits. It is an in human institution which negates liberty and equality for the masses. Hence our prime task is to abolish the caste hegemony. We should also strike against the economic power of the upper cast, upper class rulers. This is the only way to make masses free from the caste hegemony and also economic exploitation. Agrarian revolution is the only way to put an end to feudalism, with the clarian call of land to the masses. Although this is not a new thing, in practice we are not able to involve masses in our programme. It is a relevant question in politics and literature.

The society may be reconstructed with basic values of new democratic culture and socio economic and political equality and liberty. All sections of working masses should be united together irrespective of caste and religious differences, to fight in the path of caste annihilation and class struggle. Unless the proletariats in India are liberated from the yoke of casteism, we may fail in smashing the enemical forces of national liberation. The revolution in India will be the stepping stone for world revolution at present. As India is a neo colony of imperialist forces, they will certainly oppose the Indian revolution. Hence we should sharpen our strategic weapons against fascism and corporate capital power.

The hierarichal power structure of caste system itself is a kind of fascism. It is related to property ownership and political power derived from cultural hegemony. It is the weapon of oppression of religious philosophy negating equality and freedom to the masses. The Hindutva fascism is not only a religious question. It is the collaboration of religion with corporate finance capital and imperialism.

Hence new democratic revolution is the programme to be completed to achieve freedom of people and nation by eradicating fascsim. It is to done under the leadership proletariat and all the section of working class people. The constitution of India in no way is a hindrance (Chinese wall) to the fascist state. The struggle against the amendments for the citizenship act 2019 is a lession to the people ant political parties. The present state of blood and gun can only be abolished through revolution. Be brave to fight and sing for a new world.

On Dalit Poem and National Liberation

I may point out certain ideological questions on Dalit poem and national liberation in India. Dalit Poem is a product of the political movement of Dalit Liberation and ideological development of cultural struggle and practical application in literary creativity.
It is a period of national liberation of new democratic revolution. The new democratic revolution in India should invariably adopt the programme of annihilation of caste together with class war ie. the caste annhilating class war. There is no national liberation without Dalit Liberation, and no Dalit liberation without national liberation. Dalit literature is a powerfull weapon and product of national liberation. It associates with Dalit liberation program of annihilation of caste system and economic power ie the caste hegemony of production relations, and its culture negating humanity of equality.

What is Dalit poem

Dalit poem is a poem which reflects the socio economic and historic reality of the mass character of nation. Any person having democratic mind of asthetic skill of poetic craft can do it. Hence such a person who ever may be, whether he belonged to oppressed caste or higher caste may not be called by such titles. Such a division may never save the purpose of democratic unity of revolution.

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  • The Question of class war and annihilation of caste - New democratic revolution in Neo Colonial India
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