All India Seminar on The Impact of Naxalbari on Indian Society

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All India Seminar on The Impact of Naxalbari on Indian Society

- Revolutionary Writers Association | 04.09.2017 05:34:12pm

All India Seminar on...
The Impact of Naxalbari on Indian Society: Achievements and Challenges

September 9-10, 2017, SundarayyaVignanaKendram, Bagh Lingam Palli, Hyderabad

Revolution blossomed like spring and armed struggle began like the spring thunder. It is indeed amazing to this generation to imagine that spring thunder after fifty years. How poetic was the entry of Naxalbari like a spring into the history of people? The then Communist Party of China described it as the spring thunder on the horizon of Indian revolution. People all over thought it was the onset of spring when some adivasis in the hills in a remotest corner of the country rebelled and raised arms. Naxalbari came not only as a sternly armed and concrete practice from the layers of the mother earth, but also as a greatest emotive power. Thatʹs why it brought spring not only to forests, but also to imaginations, dreams, passions, intellect and creativity.

Revolution is really a splendid concept. Itʹs a great confidence. Itʹs a great dream that will not die in the eyes even when the head is severed. Thatʹs why all and everything were new thoughts, new decisions and new approaches after Naxalbari. The new paths were paved by people who taught how to make history. As a poet who dreamed of future said, it is literally blood sprinkled from the heart all along the way. The revolution that began as spring with a political decision of people evolved itself into a material force with the blood of thousands of martyrs. Now it is the fragrance of that spring that spread all over Dandakaranya and all adivasi lands in the country.

What a reality is this to a creative being, how inspiring and how saddening! Isnʹt this a confidence that tells about the people who will fly their head as a flag on the summits of future? Isnʹt this a historic statement that bursts out from the lowest depths? Fifty years. How many tests this period in history has undergone? So many crises, both within and without, so many floods of tears - but Naxalbari braved everything and rose again. Every time somebody used to say: ʹeverything is overʹ, ʹthere wonʹt be any thingʹ, ʹrevolutionary practice itself is outdatedʹ, ʹitʹs only the remnants of the flickering lightʹ, etc. etc. But Naxalbari as a historical force overthrew all these assessments and comments by gossip mongers. In its fifty years journey, it proved the hollowness of these chatterboxes. It has been facing a manifold war for a long time. Indeed, its adversary is still most powerful when compared to all the strength Naxalbari acquired over time. But then, it is already proved that Naxalbari is going to be the victor. That is its strength of practice, strength of mass support and the strength of ideology that shows the way to the practice and mass support.

All the parliamentary parties, all the forces aspiring to win in the arena of votes, and all those immersed in ballot equations to achieve social emancipation in the country, all of them are politically on one side. Naxalbari alone as the only alternative is on the other side. Alternative ideas for everything from the most sensitive human relations to the objective laws needed to run systems, exist only in Maoist perspective. They are also put in practice wherever possible.

There are people who interrogate what did Naxalbari achieve in fifty years. Sure, the question certainly needs to be asked. But the question has to be asked with a peopleʹs perspective without any prejudice or malice. Beginning as a small spark of a rebellion, Naxalbari grew in strength to become an alternative in all spheres. That is Naxalbariʹs achievement.

Thatʹs why fifty years of its existence is an occasion to celebrate. Do we stop there? No, Naxalbari not only has its impacts and achievements, but it also has challenges. Naxalbari knows how complex and strong are the systems that it wants to transform and how they evolved on the social and cultural foundations for hundreds and thousands of years. That means Naxalbari is very well aware of its enemy. Not only that, Naxalbari also knows that whatever it doesnʹt know today, it has to and it will know tomorrow. That is the political virtue of Naxalbari.

ViplavaRachaiyatalaSangham (Virasam - Revolutionary Writers Association) also knows that. Virasam knows the essence of the whereabouts, development and setbacks, challenges and debates of Naxalbari. Virasam has been interpreting, commenting and conceptualizing how Naxalbari is growing as a revolutionary force on this land. In fact, Virasam has been expanding its creative strengths taking inspiration from Naxalbari. It has been trying its best to recreate Naxalbari in art forms. Really Naxlabari itself has great artistic potential. To take the side of Naxalbari itself is a great artistic experience. Thatʹs why all revolutionary writings display that emotion and the most perceptive insight. How can Virasam not present that emotion and insight at this historic occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Naxalbari? This seminar is a part of that presentation. The seminar is being organized to understand the impacts and achievements of Naxalbari and courageously discuss the challenges being faced by Naxalbari. Please do attend.

The Revolutionary Writers Association invites you all to participate in the Seminar.

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    లేటెస్ట్ పోస్టులు...
    అరుణతార జులై - 2020
    వరవరరావు, సాయిబాబాలను వెంటనే విడుదల చేయాలి. తెలుగు కవులు, రచయితలు, కళాకారుల విజ్ఞప్తి.
    గాలింపు, స్థూపాల కూల్చివేత
    కవి కాశీం కవిత్వ విశ్లేషణ
    అసమానత నుండి విప్లవం దాకా..
    ఇప్పడైనా వరవరరావును విడుదల చేయాలి.
    తాము చేసిన ప్రమాణానికి వాళ్ళు కట్టుబడి వుంటారా?
    కవి వరవరరావు కిరాయి హంతకుడు కాడు. ఆయన పట్ల సానుభూతి చూపించడం కాదు, ఆయనకు న్యాయం జరగాలి
    వరవరరావును జైలులో చంపవద్దు
    మహాశ్వేతాదేవి నవల ʹఒక తల్లిʹ, ఒక భావోద్వేగ కావ్యం
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    అక్రమ అరెస్టులు, ఎన్ కౌంటర్ హత్యల హిందూ ఫాసిస్టు రాజ్యానికి వ్యతిరేకంగా

    గత సంచికలు...

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