Self mortality

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Self mortality

- Veera brahma chary | 01.10.2018 06:38:18pm

Oh communalist
and fundamentalist

By the constitutional power
given by the innocent people

How ever much you intrigue
and try to restrict,
the writings and voices
of true Democrats secularists
and liberals

On behalf of the oppressed
displaced and chased
from their natives
in the pretext of development and
to cofide to the imperialists
the valuable earthy minerals
beneath the feet of Adivasis
and to save the worldʹs
largest democracy,

To the lines you drawn
and make them to confine
to the walls you built

You canʹt do so
the thoughts and inherent voices
sprout and blossom
within their hearts

Their thoughts fly above
the clouds to the reach of
planets and stars

The resonant waves of their
writings and voices
erase the lines you fixed
brake down the strengthy irony
walls you thought
down to the earth

The whirls of echoes
rush through the air you breath
to the veins and nerves
to blast and split into pieces
to your end.

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